BSE IPO Allotment Status List 2023

The IPO allotment status gives information regarding the number of shares given to an investor in an initial public offering (IPO). The registrar of the IPO handles the IPO allotment procedure. The IPO allotment date is the day on which the allotment status is made public on the registrar’s website.

The registrar publishes the base of allotment calculation on the basis of the allotment document. Once the allotment is complete, investors may check their IPO allotment status by visiting the registrar’s website (i.e. Linkintime, KFintech).

IPO investors are also notified via email and SMS about the new IPO allotment status by the BSE, NSE, CDSL, and NSDL.

BSE IPO Allotment Status List 2023

Check the Upcoming IPO Allotment Status. The subscription period for these IPOs has ended, and the IPO allotment may be approaching. Keep checking back for the most recent IPO allotment information.

IPO NameIPO Allotment DateStatusApplication
ArrowheadIPO Allotment OutCameoIndia Allotment LinkView IPO
Rocking Deals28 Nov 2023Bigshare Allotment LinkView IPO
IREDA29 Nov 2023Linkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
Fedbank Financial Services30 Nov 2023Linkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
Gandhar Oil30 Nov 2023Linkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
Tata Technologies30 Nov 2023Linkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
Flair Writing30 Nov 2023Linkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
Swashthik Plascon4 Dec 2023Bigshare Allotment LinkView IPO
Deepak Chemtex6 Dec 2023Bigshare Allotment LinkView IPO
SPC Life SciencesTBALinkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
Balaji Speciality ChemicalsTBALinkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
EbixCashTBALinkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
Auro ImpexIPO Allotment OutCameo Allotment StatusView IPO
Krishca StrappingIPO Allotment TodayPurvashare Allotment LinkView IPO
Remus PharmaceuticalsIPO Allotment TodayLinkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
Crayons Advertising30 May 2023Skyline Allotment LinkView IPO
Vasa Denticity30 May 2023Masserv Allotment LinkView IPO
Hemant Surgical31 May 2023Bigshare Allotment LinkView IPO
Proventus Agrocom31 May 2023Bigshare Allotment LinkView IPO
Infollion Research5 June 2023Linkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
Spectrum Talent Management2023Skyline Allotment LinkView IPO
Signatureglobal India2023Linkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
ESDS Software2023Linkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
CMR Green Technologies2023KFintech Allotment LinkView IPO
GoAir2023Linkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
Mobikwik2023Linkintime Allotment LinkView IPO
Skanray Technologies2023Linkintime Allotment LinkView IPO

Top Leading IPO Registrars in India

IPO Allotment Status

We included top IPO registrars in India based on market conditions. Mainline IPOs are served by Link Intime and KFin Technologies, whereas SME IPOs are served by all of the mentioned registrars. They are the ones that calculate the IPO allotment status based on the IPO subscription data and submit it to their website.

On the Allotment day, investors visit the website to see if they have received their allotment of shares. Bigshare Services offered services to 300+ IPOs, with Link Intime coming in second, while KFin Technologies has given services to 225+ IPOs to date, with the number growing by the day.

IPO Registrars StatusApplication
Link Intime India Pvt LtdIPO Allotment LinkView IPO
KFin Technologies Private LtdIPO Allotment LinkView IPO
Bigshare Services Pvt LtdIPO Allotment LinkView IPO
Cameo Corporate Services LtdIPO Allotment LinkView IPO
Skyline Financial Services Pvt LtdIPO Allotment LinkView IPO

Most Asked Questions about IPO Allotment

What is the Process for IPO Allotment?

The process for offering shares in an IPO differs according to whether only one class of securities (common stock) or multiple classes of securities (common and preferred stock) are being offered. Regardless, the allocation method occurs after all investor orders are received but before the trade begins on the exchange.

The allocation of shares in an IPO occurs prior to the actual issuing of shares. It requires determining each investor’s share distribution as well as the overall cost of acquiring the shares. It is also necessary that all investors understand this procedure, as it is one of the most important aspects of the investment process.

How do I check my IPO Allotment Status?

Investors can verify the registration status of an IPO using an IPO registrar such as Link Intime or KFintech. The investor will need his PAN card number, IPO application number, and Demat account number to verify the IPO subscription status. If the shares are assigned, the investor will get the information using the search option on the registrar’s or BSE’s website.

The IPO registrar processes the IPO allotment on the basis of allotment. Once the registrar has finalized the allotment, the IPO allotment status will be published under the IPO Name that the investors selected. Investors receive information by email and SMS from the BSE, NSE, CDSL, and NSDL.

How to Calculate IPO Allotment?

The registrar publishes the IPO allotment calculation on the IPO basis of the allotment document. Once the allotment is complete, investors can check it by visiting the registrar’s website.

The IPO Basis of Allotment is a document issued by the registrar of an IPO after the share distribution has been finalized in accordance with regulatory rules. This paper contains information regarding the IPO stock’s demand.

For IPOs that have been oversubscribed numerous times, the allotment ratio is crucial. It indicates how many applicants will be given a single lot of shares out of a certain number of applications.