List of Upcoming Rights Issue of Share in 2023

List of Upcoming Rights Issue of Share in 2023

What is the Rights Issue of Share?

A company may issue more shares under Section 62(1) of the Companies Act of 2013 if it intends to raise its subscribed capital by a new issue of shares. By delivering a letter of offer with the following restrictions, such shares should first be made available to current shareholders who, as of the offer date, are holders of equity shares of the firm in proportion.

Of course, the goal is to guarantee that shares are distributed fairly and that the allocation of voting rights is unaffected by the issue of new shares. A rights issue occurs when a company issues shares or convertible securities to its current shareholders as of a specific date set by the issuer (i.e., the record date). In relation to the number of shares or convertible securities owned as of the record date, the rights are offered in a certain ratio.

Upcoming Rights Issue of Share List December 2023

Here is a list of Upcoming Rights Issues of December 2023. Follow the upcoming rights Issue of shares and continue to invest in the primary market:

Jaykay EnterprisesComing SoonComing SoonView IPO
Dynamic ServicesComing SoonComing SoonView IPO
Piramal PharmaComing SoonComing SoonView IPO
Gala Global ProductsComing SoonComing SoonView IPO
Credent Global Finance25 Jul8 AugView IPO
Shree Rama Multi-Tech12 Jun26 JunView IPO
North Eastern Carrying14 Jun27 JunView IPO
Bhakti Gems9 Jun20 JunView IPO
Destiny Logistic & Infra12 Oct3 NovView IPO
Suzlon Energy11 Oct20 OctView IPO
Libas Consumer Products27 Sep7 OctView IPO
Suditi Industries15 Sep21 SepView IPO
Coastal Corporation12 Sep27 SepView IPO

Past Rights Issue of Share List 2021

Here is the list of past Right Issues of Share 2021 offers.

Shivam Autotech₹1831 Dec 202128 Jan 2231.16 Cr.View IPO
Beardsell Limited₹1031 Dec 202114 Jan 229.37 Cr.View IPO
Radhe Developers₹-755.4 Cr.View IPO
Vishvprabha Ventures₹3029 Dec 202127 Jan 224.41 Cr.View IPO
Ridhi Synthetics₹1020 Dec 202103 Jan 221.96 Cr.View IPO
Vikas Ecotech Limited₹130 Nov 202120 Dec 202131.16 Cr.View IPO
Natural Capsules₹10030 Nov 202120 Dec 202131.16 Cr.View IPO
HKG Limited₹825 Nov 202110 Dec 202114.00 Cr.View IPO
Swiss Military Consumer Goods₹224 Nov 202108 Dec 20219.83 Cr.View IPO
The Indian Hotels₹15024 Nov 202108 Dec 20211982 Cr.View IPO
Bharat Gears₹10522 Nov 202106 Dec 20219.77 Cr.View IPO

Important Note:

  • The offer to purchase a rights issue is a choice, not a requirement, for the current shareholder.
  • To qualify as an existing shareholder for the rights issue, you must be a shareholder of the company in question as of the record date.
  • An existing shareholder who has fully subscribed to the rights issue may also subscribe for additional shares. The extra shares would be allocated depending on the issue subscription.
  • The rights issue can be partially subscribed to and partially transferred to other investors through the trading of rights entitlements. 
  • In such instances, neither party will have the ability to purchase more shares in addition to the assigned rights issue.