Upcoming SME IPO List 2023

An Upcoming SME IPO allows a privately held Small and medium enterprises (SME) firm to offer its shares to the public for the first time and get listed on the BSE SME or NSE Emerge platforms. SME IPOs in India are open to companies with a minimum post-issue capital of Rs 1 crore and a maximum post-issue capital of Rs 25 crore.

The BSE SME and NSE Emerge platforms enable SME enterprises to raise financing and list on the exchange via an SME IPO. 

Individual investors in India can apply for SME IPOs by completing an online IPO application form through their stockbroker or bank.

Investors eagerly anticipate the upcoming SME IPO, which presents new investment opportunities for promising small and medium-sized enterprises.

Innovative companies with disruptive potential will emerge through the upcoming SME IPO, changing the game and creating new market opportunities.

Brokers provide UPI-based online IPO applications, whereas banks provide UPI and ASBA IPO applications. ASBA is a mechanism that allows investors to apply for shares in an IPO without transferring funds upfront, ensuring the funds remain blocked in the investor’s bank account until share allotment. To Learn More read What is ASBA?, ASBA E forms, Simple 5 Step Application Process

The list of SME IPOs in 2023 includes SME IPOs at the BSE SME and NSE SME exchanges.

 Click on the name of the SME IPO to find its details, review and analysis, allotment status, information on bids, Grey market premiums (GMP), news, and performance.

List of Upcoming SME IPO in December 2023 (BSE SME & NSE Emerge)

The upcoming SME IPO will showcase the potential of emerging businesses, allowing investors to participate in their growth story from the ground up actively.

Here is the list of SME IPOs open now in December 2023. Stay tuned for the latest SME IPO list and invest in the SME IPO market.

CompanyOpen CloseApplication
Shanti SpintexComing soonComing soonView IPO
S J LogisticsComing soonComing soonView IPO
WTi CabsComing soonComing soonView IPO
Presstonic Engineering11 Dec13 DecView IPO
Accent Microcell8 Dec12 DecView IPO
Sheetal Universal4 Dec6 DecView IPO
Marinetrans India30 Nov5 DecView IPO
Graphisads30 Nov5 DecView IPO
Net Avenue Technologies30 Nov4 DecView IPO
AMIC Forging29 Nov1 DecView IPO
Deepak Chemtex29 Nov1 DecView IPO
Swashthik Plascon24 Nov29 NovView IPO
Rocking Deals22 Nov24 NovView IPO
Arrowhead16 Nov20 NovView IPO
Kalyani Cast Tech8 Nov10 NovView IPO
ROX Hi-Tech7 Nov9 NovView IPO
Sunrest Lifescience7 Nov9 NovView IPO
Micropro Software3 Nov7 NovView IPO
Baba Food Processing3 Nov7 NovView IPO
SAR Televenture1 Nov3 NovView IPO
Mish Designs31 Oct 2 NovView IPO
Vrundavan Plantation30 Oct1 NovView IPO
Transteel Seating30 Oct1 NovView IPO
Maitreya Medicare27 Oct1 NovView IPO
Shanthala FMCG27 Oct31 OctView IPO
Paragon Fine26 Oct30 OctView IPO
Ondoor Concepts23 Oct27 OctView IPO
Rajgor Castor Derivatives17 Oct20 OctView IPO
WomenCart16 Oct18 OctView IPO
Arvind and Company Shipping12 Oct16 OctView IPO
Committed Cargo6 Oct10 OctView IPO
Akanksha Power29 Sep4 OctView IPO
Sharp Chucks29 Sep4 OctView IPO
Plada Infotech29 Sep4 OctView IPO
Karnika Industries29 Sep4 OctView IPO
Vishnusurya Projects29 Sep4 OctView IPO
Vivaa Tradecom27 Sep4 OctView IPO
Oneclick Logistics27 Sep3 OctView IPO
Canarys Automations27 Sep3 OctView IPO
E Factor Experiences27 Sep3 OctView IPO
Vinyas Innovative27 Sep3 OctView IPO
Kontor Space27 Sep29 SepView IPO
City Crops Agro26 Sep29 SepView IPO
Goyal Salt26 Sep29 SepView IPO
Sunita Tools25 Sep27 SepView IPO
Arabian Petroleum25 Sep27 SepView IPO
Newjaisa Technologies25 Sep27 SepView IPO
Digikore Studios25 Sep27 SepView IPO
Inspire Films25 Sep27 SepView IPO
Saakshi Medtech and Panels25 Sep 27 SepView IPO
Organic Recycling Systems21 Sep26 SepView IPO
Mangalam Alloys21 Sep25 SepView IPO
Marco Cables21 Sep25 SepView IPO
Hi-Green Carbon21 Sep25 SepView IPO
Techknowgreen Solutions18 Sep21 SepView IPO
Madhusudan Masala18 Sep21 SepView IPO
Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics15 Sep20 SepView IPO
Kody Technolab15 Sep20 SepView IPO
Cellecor Gadgets15 Sep20 SepView IPO
Kundan Edifice12 Sep15 SepView IPO
Chavda Infra12 Sep14 SepView IPO
Jiwanram Sheoduttrai8 Sep12 SepView IPO
Meson Valves8 Sept12 SepView IPO
Unihealth Consultancy8 Sept12 SeptView IPO
Kahan Packaging6 Sept8 SeptView IPO
Pramara Promotions1 Sept5 SeptView IPO
Basilic Fly Studio1 Sep5 SepView IPO
Saroja Pharma31 Aug5 SeptView IPO
CPS Shapers29 Aug31 AugView IPO
Mono Pharmacare28 Aug30 AugView IPO
Sahaj Fashions25 Aug29 AugView IPO
SunGarner Energies21 Aug23 AugView IPO
Crop Life Science18 Aug22 AugView IPO
Bondada Engineering18 Aug22 AugView IPO
Shoora Designs17 Aug21 AugView IPO
Shelter Pharma10 Aug14 AugView IPO
Srivari Spices1 Aug4 AugView IPO
Sangani Hospitals4 Aug8 AugView IPO
Yudiz Solutions4 Aug8 AugView IPO
Vinsys IT1 Aug4 AugView IPO
Oriana Power1 Aug3 AugView IPO
Zeal Global Services28 Jul1 AugView IPO
Shri Techtex26 Jul28 JulView IPO
Innovatus Entertainment25 Jul27 JulView IPO
Khazanchi Jewellers24 Jul28 JulView IPO
Yasons Chemex24 Jul26 JulView IPO
Asarfi Hospital17 Jul19 JulView IPO
Service Care14 Jul18 JulView IPO
Ahasolar Technologies10 Jul13 JulView IPO
Kaka Industries10 Jul12 JulView IPO
Drone Destination7 Jul11 JulView IPO
AccelerateBS India6 Jul11 JulView IPO
Alphalogic Industries3 Jul6 JulView IPO
Tridhya Tech30 Jun5 JulView IPO
Synoptics Technologies30 Jun5 JulView IPO
Global Pet29 Jun3 JulView IPO
Pentagon Rubber26 Jun30 JunView IPO
Magson Retail23 Jun27 JunView IPO
Greenchef Appliances23 Jun27 JunView IPO
Essen Speciality23 Jun27 JunView IPO
Veefin Solutions22 Jun26 JunView IPO
Aatmaj Hospital19 Jun21 JunView IPO
Vilin Bio Med16 Jun21 JunView IPO
Cell Point15 Jun20 JunView IPO
Cosmic CRF14 Jun16 JunView IPO
Bizotic Commercial12 Jun15 JunView IPO
Urban Enviro12 Jun14 JunView IPO
Spectrum Talent9 Jun14 JunView IPO
Sonalis Consumer7 Jun9 JunView IPO
Kore Digital2 June7 JuneView IPO
Comrade Appliances31 May5 JuneView IPO
Sahana System31 May2 JuneView IPO
CFF Fluid Control30 May2 JuneView IPO
Infollion Research29 May31 MayView IPO
Hemant Surgical24 May26 MayView IPO
Proventus Agrocom24 May26 MayView IPO
Vasa Denticity23 May25 MayView IPO
Crayons Advertising22 May25 MayView IPO
Innokaiz India28 Apr3 MayView IPO
De Neers Tools28 Apr3 MayView IPO
Retina Paints19 Apr24 AprView IPO
Quicktouch Technologies18 Apr21 AprView IPO

List of SME IPO GMP Terms

  • Exchange: Mainstream IPOs are listed on the BSE and NSE, whereas SME IPOs find their place on the respective exchanges’ NSE EMERGE or BSE SME platforms to place the proposed IPO shares.
  • IPO Open Date / Issue Closing Date: The date the IPO bidding process begins and ends. During this time, investors may only apply for an IPO. Experts predict heightened investor interest as the market gears up for the upcoming SME IPO, as these IPOs often offer unique prospects for substantial returns on investment.
  • Lot Size: The smallest number of shares an investor can apply for in an IPO. A lot size of ‘400’ indicates that the investor must bid on at least 400 shares.
  • Issue Price: The cost per equity share. There are two different kinds of IPOs: fixed price and book-building IPOs. Investors must place their bids within the price range for Book Building IPOs, typically between Rs. 120 and 125. Issues with fixed prices have a set bid price.
  • Issue Size: Multiplying the number of shares the firm offers by the issue price per share calculates the IPO’s entire market capitalization.
Upcoming SME IPO GMP Terms

FAQs about SME IPO:

What is an SME IPO?

An SME IPO is the process through which small and medium-sized businesses go public and raise financing from the general public. Larger corporations often use the mainline IPO to offer their shares on the open market.

Is an SME IPO a wise investment?

SME IPOs may be an excellent investment based on the company’s fundamentals, but only some have historically traded beyond IPO prices. Check out the complete information on IPO Upcoming before applying for an SME IPO.

How to check SME IPO Allotment Status?

The process of allocating shares to investors who have applied for them in an IPO determines the IPO Allotment Status. It shows whether an investor’s application has been approved or rejected and, if approved, the number of shares allocated to them. Read our Guide on IPO Allotment Status to learn more.

Can I sell SME IPO shares?

Once the SME IPO shares are listed, as a retail investor, you can actively sell them.

Who is eligible for SME IPO?

The firm must have at least 3 years of experience according to the requirements. They should have at least 3 years of positive cash accruals from operations. There should be a positive net worth.

Can we apply for SME IPO?

Yes, investors may apply for the SME IPO within the finalized categories. Select your category using an SME IPO via an ASBA or UPI-based platform.

The SME IPO offers its shares to NII and Retail investors (sometimes QIB). By submitting documents to your banks or brokers, you can also apply for an SME IPO. The dynamic SME sector opens up previously untapped investment avenues for small investors through the upcoming SME IPO, enabling them to diversify their portfolios.

Important Notice for the Investors:

We actively compile the upcoming SME IPO List based on the news we discover online. Therefore, it is essential to note that dates may occasionally change. Our objective is to provide comprehensive details about upcoming SME IPOs. We do not engage in or facilitate trading any grey market premiums or Kostak rates for SME IPOs.